Marakhim Chamal

Welcome to the heart of our latest venture - a project that showcases the unparalleled beauty of marble in all its splendor. Join us on a journey where precision, artistry, and sophistication merge seamlessly, as we unveil the exquisite tale of our collaboration with a renowned marble company. This is where the art of marble truly comes to life.

Marakhim Chamal Branding + Website Design

In the world of luxury and refinement, our client, Marakhim Chamal, stood as a paragon of excellence in the marble and natural stone industry. Yet, they recognized the need for a transformation – a fresh identity and an online presence that would truly reflect the timeless elegance they offered. This is where our digital agency stepped in to make the marble dreams come true.


Marble and Natural Stone Supplier


Marakhim Chamal


  • Branding
  • Web Design

Marakhim Chamal. was seeking to revamp its brand image and elevate its digital presence, aiming to showcase its exquisite marble and natural stone collections in a captivating and user-friendly manner. Our challenge was to craft a comprehensive branding strategy and design a website that not only represented the unparalleled quality of their products but also made it easier for their customers to explore their offerings.


Our approach was to merge classical elegance with modern functionality, echoing the essence of Marakhim Chamal’s products. We divided the project into two main components: branding and web design.

Web Design

User-Centric Design

We designed a user-friendly and responsive website, focusing on intuitive navigation and captivating visuals. The layout allowed customers to effortlessly explore Marakhim Chamal’s collections, from intricate veined marbles to rare exotic stones.


Product Showcases

We incorporated high-resolution images and detailed descriptions, enhancing the user experience and helping customers make informed decisions.


SEO Optimization

Our team ensured that Marakhim Chamal’s website ranked prominently on search engines, driving organic traffic and increasing brand visibility.



Logo Redesign

We created a new logo that merged the timeless aesthetics of marble patterns with a contemporary, clean look. The interplay of textures and shades represented the diversity of Marakhim Chamal’s product range.


Color Palette and Typography

We curated a sophisticated color palette that harmonized with the natural hues of marble and selected fonts that exuded class and legibility.


Brand Voice

We developed a brand voice that resonated with the heritage of marble craftsmanship, emphasizing quality, expertise, and enduring beauty.


Project Outcome

Increased Brand Recognition

Marakhim Chamal’s new branding has gained widespread recognition and appreciation in the industry, positioning the company as a beacon of elegance.

Enhanced User Experience

The revamped website has received praise for its user-friendly design, and visitors spend more time exploring the beautiful marble collections.



Marakhim Chamal’s website now ranks on the first page of search engine results, attracting organic traffic and expanding its customer base.

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